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The way to trick the trap of the market is to appeal to the emotional human being – not the rational one.
K. Nordström, J. Ridderstråle
How can we help you?
We love to design effective, clean, smart and shiny works in all areas of visual communication:
• websites
• logos and identity
• print design
• mobile apps

If you are looking a quality, responsible company to carry or to develop your brand, you’ve found it.
Design & branding
Visual communication is the key to turning more of your potential clients into real ones.

Properly executed, being concise and clutter-free, your logo, identity or website translates your message to your target audience, informs, identify, instructs, interprets and even persuades viewers to do something. Collaborate with us, and you’ll get it!
Web development
We prefer not to use existing content management systems, because for every single website we develop its own CMS, using PHP and JS.

It allows our customers to use their sites much easier. It works better. It is designed in accordance to their website design.

The code is clear and fully commented.
Our tools & working process
Working process can be divided into three steps. For every step we use certain tools:
Planning & design
Pen, pencil, lots of sheets of paper, whiteboard, MindNode Pro
Adobe Creative Suite
PHP, CSS, HTML5, JS, jQuery, ZEND Framework
The work we love
We begin each new project with studying its business area, its manufacturing process and its theoretical base — that allows us to study all life long. How not to love it?
Simple, smart & sexy
Design is about communicating between your company and your audience. Whom do you prefer your client to talk to? Definetely, it is someone smart, good looking and clearly understandable.

In 21st century this person is your website and identity. It must be simple, smart and sexy, just as we do it.
Live CMS
Our unique live content management system, customizing for every website, will allow you to edit your website live while watching it. Easier than Microsoft Word. You can try it on its demo page.