Jira Scaled Agile Boards 2022-05-26T08:30:28+00:00

Keep track of large-scale
projects developed by
multiple teams
on a single board

Jira Scaled Agile Boards

Improve transparency and efficiency of daily work by using Scaled Agile Board that provides a view to monitoring status and progress of a developed project. Manage the teams from the overview and keep in mind the business goal.

  • Keep track of large-scale projects on a single board

  • Display of dependencies between issues based on Jira link

  • Epic view showing the epics in which the issues are included

  • Permissions to manage the access level to a single board and the app itself

  • Configurable card layout to show additional issue information

  • Customizable board view to display a different scope of sprints

  • Progress bar and statistics for each sprint

  • Negative resolutions showing issues closed with specific resolution

  • Easy step-by-step wizard for creating new boards

Scaled board view

Display the issues and dependencies between them to quickly see how they are related to each other in order to plan the work better.

Epic level view

Make the board show epics only based on the issues in sprints to get the big picture of goals being realized. Select an epic to see which teams in which sprints are working on it.

Planning view

Use two additional containers for issues and customize them. That functionality provides an opportunity to adapt the scaled agile board to your requirements. It could be used to displaying the backlog, the critical items, the newly created and added to the sprints, and much more.

Manage permissions

Decide which groups of users can use the app. Configure the permissions for each board to decide who will be able to view, work, or administer the board.

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