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Improve communication
and transparency
with custom emails
sent automatically

Jira Custom Notification Extension

Make your communication flawless with custom email messages sent throughout your internal and external processes. Jira Custom Notification Extension (JCNE) improves transparency and teamwork with customized email notifications sent directly from your Jira workflow.

  • Use macros to add dynamic data to the subject and body of the email
  • Add a comment with the email body during the transition
  • Define custom sender address and name
  • Possibility to define To, Cc, and Bcc email fields
  • Multiple recipients sources – user group, project role, single users, user picker and text custom fields, direct addresses, project lead, and component lead
  • Set the JQL condition to define for which issues, the email will be sent
  • Set the Executor condition to define for which users executing the transition, the email will be sent

Email To/Cc/Bcc

Define how your email will be delivered to different recipients as you would send an actual email – directly (To), as a carbon copy (Cc), or as a blind carbon copy (Bcc). Ensure that everyone gets the information in the appropriate way.


Configure the email addresses to which the message will be sent. Choose from many different sources such as user groups, project roles, user picker custom fields, text custom fields, direct addresses, and more! Cover different use cases with multiple ways of defining your recipients.

Action Condition

Action conditions give you, even more, control over email delivery. Now you can decide whether the email will be sent based on the issue data or the current user groups or roles. Build flexible communication that cover various use cases!


Make automatically created emails and comments with macros. Add dynamic data based on the issue being transitioned such as Status, Resolution, Users, custom fields and more! Macros allow you to easily customize the emails.

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