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Uznay vse, web-site
Release in progress

Uznay Vse is a big web project. It contains 2 main parts:
1. News, devided by categories. Main part.
2. Biographies of famous people. Addition.

It was a very complex task, because we had to make images on the index page no more than 100px*100px.

So, index page. It represents news categories, search, 6 main news of the day, person of the day, celebrity birthdays and type of news displaying:

After the main part news go. In displaying in categories mode, we have 6 news for each category, 3 times by 2, automatically scrolling left and right:

Chronological mode shows us news as they appear:

News could be easily shared from the main page of the site:

Each category has subcategories. News are displayed chronologically:

Clicking on the certain new, you get into the new page. It has new description with photo:

And also endless timeline of news, divided with links to biographies. It contains all news appeared on the web-site:

Every new has comments form and share buttons as well:

If you want to learn about any famous person, you will get to the persons page. There is a catalogue of celebrities, divided by category. Endless columns. And quick search of the celebrity you're looking for:

Page contains small news timeline, as well as new page does:

Celebrity page contains brief information, photogallery, videogallery and big biography:

As well as share buttons and comment form:

This web site works also as a news aggregator for different regions. So you can chose your region:

And have access to it's news, linked to region's local news web sites:

Logo of this web site also designed by Minty Minds:

Lastly, we've developed iOS concept of displaying news: