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Rodionovo, website

Rodionovo is a housing estate in Moscow. It is a building of 2 blocks. First of all, we've developed logo for this housing, combined letter "P" in russian for "Родионово" and it's appearence:

Here is main page of it's site:

On the slider there are unusual switcher icons:

Rolling over any floor of those 2 buildings, small popup will appear. It tells you what kind of flats are still available:

Then map goes. It is made in logarithmic scale for better understanding of the territory. Important places are pinned on it:

At the bottom of the page, in footer, you can find small map of Moscow city with detailed position of this building:

Clicking on the "Select flat" link you will get to the selecting flat page. It contains two selectors: by floor at the top, and by number of rooms at the bottom:

Clicking on the exact floor, you will get to the floor page, where you can see streets around the building, compass and floor plan:

Selecting exact room you will get to it's page, where plan of the room is drawn. You can order flat here or simply print all the necessary information:

Also website contains some static information. Such as contacts:


Or payment details: