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MedSystems: logo, website and catalogue.

Medsystems is a russian huge company, selling medical equipment to hospitals. First of all, we've made a logo of this company:

Website contains 3 sections: products, supplies and solutions. We've divided products in 6 main categories. So, here is front page:

Here are icons of 6 main categories:

Choosing some category, you will get to the category page, where you can see all the stuff of that category:

Rolling over the navigation you will see little cardiogram, pointing to the hovered navigation item:

This page has a switcher. You can find necessary equipment not only in the category, but also in the alphabetic list, or choose by brand:

Alphabetic order is extremely useful, because it shows you not only names of products (we've developed special name for every product, which displays functions of the product), but also tags, which has been given to every product:

Tags are shown on the item page also:

And here is all product page:

It has popup menu, divided in 2 columns, which contains all products of the category:

Supplies can be found using quick search, choosing category or simply choosing brand and product, which should be completed with certain supplies.

Any supply can be ordered simply clicking on the order button and choosing it's quantity:

Solutions are groups of products for equipping exact lab:

Any item in the solution list has information button, leading you to the page of the item with full description:

And, of course, articles — necessary part of the site for SEO. Getting on the articles page you can simply use quick search:

Or find article in alphabetical list:

Here is article page:

Finally, this is paper catalogue of products:

It is divided into sections according to the categories of products: