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Igrato, web-site | working process — is an internet shop of best board games. It has great interface of buying an item: simply click on buy button, fill up small form and send it - the game you've choosen is almost yours.

Here is it's front page:

Main accent at the front page is on items and it's general parameters: prices, ratings, information and buy buttons. Rolling mouse over an item circle, it get hovered with small description of an item and number of comments in it.

Here is item's page:

Every item page contains image gallery with small thumbs of each photo:

We'd created awesome share button with cool hover and click effects specially for this web site and placed it right before desription text:

Also a website has a page with rules of main game "Delirium", where people can read all the rules and offer new one:

Buying process is simple enough: you just click a buy button, fill up small form with delivery information and click send — in a few days you will get your game:

Than click order button, and you will see clean and sexy check, resuming your order:

Also look at that amazing content management system. It was developed specially for this web-site and allows to edit the site right on the page you want to edit. For instance, that is what adding items look like: