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Live CMS
Every web-site we develop has it's own content management system. Main idea is not to let client to ruin existing design. He can change only things he need to change, not the whole site. Using it is even easier, than editing .doc document using your office software.

Simply loging into it, you are on your website again, but every text block and every item in catalogue has edit and delete buttons. Here is what it is look like, when you log in CMS and edit the menu at "Da Albertone" web-site:

And when you click on edit or add button, you will see that simple popup block, which allows you to add or edit every other meal:

Or, if you need an editing panel for adding news and blog entries, you've got it (top blue line) as Profit Growth Institue has:

Simply clicking edit button, you will see small popup with textarea, which allows you to edit text on that page, including editing it's styles:

It is easy to use, clear, safety and there will be no problem for other coders you will work with to edit it, because it's code fully commented, and the system is building ZEND Framework — platform every php coder can handle with.