MOSCOW, RU: (+7 499) 391-2241
LONDON, GB: (+44 203) 608-2818
Bolshe chem, website

Here is the logo itself:

"Bolshe chem" is a shop of unusual gifts in Moscow. Main goal of this web-site was to clearly display all shop's goods, and it's projects — goods, that "Bolshe chem" produce themselves. Here is the front page of this website:

And here is all the commodity:

Any item of the shop has hover effect: rolling cursor over it, you'll see item's name, description. price and link to enlarge the photo:

Contacts page contains map and contact information:

Management of the content on that web-site is more simple, than sticking fork in an apple: just log in as administrator, and edit/delete buttons appears everywhere you need to edit or delete something. For instance in the shop:

Clicking on the edit buttons, small popup with al necessary information appears, ready to edit your content: