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"Da Albertone"'s web-site | working process

"Da ALbertone" is an italian restaurant in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It is one of the first restaurants in this city, which have got a web-site with all the meals displayed at it's menu page with photos and descriptions of the meals. The website, where you can order any meal from the menu delivered up to your flat door. Here is it's front page:

With shiny, sexy reservation form:

And here is clearly designed, simple and gorgeous menu page, where meals can be displayed as gallery:

And as a list:

Simply click the order button, choose the portions value and you have the meal in your basket:

Getting your order is also simple enough. First you just sub,it your order, or edit it, if you need:

Then fill up little form with your information:

And after that you'll get a beatiful bill, dupicating your order and showing total price once again:

Now our awesome content management system: simply loging into it, you are on your website again, but every text block and every meal in menu has edit and delete buttons. Here is what it is look like, when you log in CMS and edit the menu:

And when you click on edit or add button, you will see that simple popup block, which allows you to add or edit every other meal:

Also this website contains three different languages: english, italian and russian. And here is it's contacts page with beatiful drawn map: